The question to create a mobile app comes up in nearly every engagement we get involved in. It went from a trend to a must have, to crawling into a black hole.

There was a gold rush for businesses to have apps, you saw mobile app workshops all over the place, and now it’s all retracting. I won’t say that the business is entirely dead. But it is evolving.

In this day and age if you have an idea for a community application you can find free platforms that’ll allow you to build and customize a mobile app. If you are thinking something totally custom, that is a different story.


When to create a mobile app?

I’ll boldly say that 95% of the app ideas out there are bad ideas. My first job out of college was working for a mobile marketing and app development company that focused on the tourism, hospitality and retail markets.

We had some really great applications with top brands from around the world. We also had some projects that I questioned if they would have success.

So when should you create a mobile app?

If you don’t plan on spending money, you’re probably not in the right place to be building an app. Snapchat, Meetup, Offerup, all of these apps had huge financial backing prior to hitting it big.

Now, these are big examples. Smaller scale applications include hotels, membership or associations, anything that brings big groups of people together.

Does your local pet shop need an app? No. Does your local restaurant need an app? Not really. Does your local festival or event need one? Maybe, it really depends on how much time you are willing to put into the strategy.


Are there benefits to creating a mobile app?

Small businesses like restaurants and your local chiropractor shouldn’t really be creating apps, it’s a waste of time and resources. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t be thinking about them though.

There are some really great apps out there to help you grow your business. From networking to lead sharing, to things like UberEATS and Postmates.

The apps are out there, just take your time and research if they are things that will benefit your overall business goals.